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To create a movement where we are changing the view of how society and the world has defined marriage


To expose the misconceptions and wrongful judgement that enters into the relationship or marriage to teach God's ordained purpose for marriage . 


To bring REAL COUPLES with REAL EXPERIENCES on as guest to share and show that when we do the work, the relationship and marriage will work.

-Let's Be Clear- The Year of Healing​ 

For the past two (2) years we have discussed with couples and singles about relationship wins and woes, but ultimately our goal was to create a movement where we are changing the view of how society has defined marriage, being single and that there is Life After Divorce.

Our visionary (Tam) has locked arms with Queens who have joined her on the movement of Living Life Loud After Divorce. Each of the ladies will have a one-on-one chat with Tam every 1st Monday of the month to share their journey to healing after divorce.

We are inviting you to join the discussion monthly as we speak candidly and encourage you to use each discussion as a layer of your healing or assisting a love one or friend in their healing process.. 



To saturate each divorcee with encouragement to heal after divorce or a break up. 

This year we will be laser focused on adding layers to the journey of healing.

Cheer's to March

Introducing Latrice....

“Being a DIVORCEE’ is a perspective…you can choose victim or choose victory. I encourage you to choose VICTORY”.”

Put us on your calendar and set your clocks for 

March 6, 2023, 6PM PST

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