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          About Tamora


A thriving marriage is in your hands...

...what will you choose to do with it?

Tamora "Tam" K. Johnson's is a healthy marriage advocate and founder of Make It R.I.S.E. She help singles become ready for marriage, divorcees put the pieces back together, and  provide tools for married  co uples to continue building or rebuilding the commitment necessary to sustain a thriving marriage. She believes that her transparency can be someone's road to recovery thus using opportunities to share her story with those willing to listen. Her greatest value add to those assigned to her purpose is offering the "missing ingredient" that she personally lacked before exchanging her very own marriage vows. 

Tam was married 14 years before she and her husband separated and divorced. She has three beautiful daughters who have occupied a front row seat in witnessing her be an exceptional example of a mother, wife, and leader. She attributes her wisdom to the authoritative biblical principles found in God's holy word along with her personal journey as a girlfriend, fiancé , wife, separated spouse, and divorcee.  It is her life's mission to mentor, advocate, and improve the state of the marriage entity on a global level beginning first with the simple process of "dating with a purpose." 

 Tam prides herself on offering tools that couples can add to their toolbox in an effort to continuously R.I.S.E.! Her ultimate goal is to inspire and motivate couples to find personal fulfillment in their divine purpose so that they are better equipped to serve in a committed relationship and marriage.


          About Make it R.I.S.E.

Make it R.I.S.E. (MIR) was established in 2014 as a vehicle to advocate for healthy marriages and remind couples of the tools they currently possess to create their ideal relationship experience. It functions as an accessible resource to design a healthy marriage that will help to consistently catapult the union to new levels of love and commitment. MIR occasionally host interactive workshops, memorable events, and intimate one-on-one sessions with couples to assist them in their mission to love each other  in a Christ-like, unconditional manner.

As the years went forward, MIR has now grown another vehicle to serve.This vehicle is for those who are going through, coming out of or are divorced. 

The goal is to walk through the journey that leads to healing, but to encourage you to Live Life Loud after Divorce. 


Tam's Tool Of the Week:

"Men... pursue Him (God), and He will teach you how to pursue her!"

For more great relationship/marriage tools, follow me on IG & Facebook: @MakeItR-I-S-E

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