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"Advocating for Thriving Marriages and Relationships"

Hey, it's your girl Tam! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site. I'm super excited to partner with you to help sustain the flame that kindles between you and your significant other. 

However, if you've decided to visit the site for that extra push and encouragement in your season of divorce....we have some goodies for you as well.

As your healthy relationship and marriage advocate, I am aware that separation and divorce is a reality. Advocating for healthy marriage,  begins with me advocating for healed and whole individuals FIRST.. I challenge you to put forth the effort so that we can  Make it R.I.S.E...regardless to your status.!

- Tamora

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Divorce has it’s seasons. The process of divorce, has it’s seasons. Considering divorce, has it’s seasons. Which season are you in or have you experienced them all? This journal was created for the woman that need a little nudge and encouragement to begin or continue the healing process. 

 This is your journey, journal to heal.

Grab a copy here!!

Do you know someone whose divorced or in the process of a divorce?

This women’s devotional is the perfect companion for her to have as she goes 

through the journey of Life After The “D”…

Maybe you know someone who is, or has contemplated divorce? Maybe she’s/you’re divorced and “think” you’ve healed and all of the pieces have been put back together. This devotional is packed with encouragement and will serve as a gauge.

Divorce can feel like an encounter with death...

 But I’ve created a women's devotional just for you to get back in the swing of things to love all of you, accept your location and possibly shift to a DWAP position.

Life After The “D” was written just for you. 

Let's Be Clear- 2023 The Year of Healing

We are coining 2023 the Year of Healing and want to “Be Clear” As we embark upon each month, there will be a representative to Co-Host the show with our founder Tam, to have candid discussions about their process of divorce. Some discussions will come from the woman that was once bitter, yet, pushed through to be better, the woman that that gave up on love, but with healing began to date again and even the woman that has remarried.

These Co-hosts are also co-authors of the newly released reflective journal, Seasons of Divorce.

Set your clocks to watch and chime in every 1st Monday of the month live on Facebook and Youtube. Please go over and follow both pages and subscribe to YouTube for these shows and so much more.


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DWAP is knowing that your end goal is saying “I Do”! In getting to the goal you are 

learning things about the person that you are DWAP

“AND” yourself. Many times we experience a new thing with individuals that we must decide what our thoughts and beliefs are if its something that we’ve never encountered. DWAP should remind you of an interview. You’re asking questions that will help you determining if it is a good fit for the “organization.”

Are they a good FIT?

While the individual may be an amazing person, it doesn’t always mean that he or she is a good fit. Sometimes you’ll learn that in the first interview, while other times it’ll take a few meetings to get a solid answer.

This is the process of asking the hard questions. Those that tap into every aspect of the person from childhood to where they currently are in life. How they respond in particular situations that aren’t anchored to a good feeling will give you an answer as well. Dating and DWAP are categorized completely differently because 

the mindset for both are completely different.

Interviews & Transparent Discussions

Remain up to date on all of our Interviews and Discussions via our YouTube Channel. 

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The Married Couples Documentary

I took the time to hear the advice of married couples in different seasons of their marriage. It is my desire to show you that no matter what you are facing, you can create your own "happy" in your marriage!

Doing the work, makes the marriage work. Time, dedication and and being intentional are the perfect ingredients to see your marriage R.I.S.E.!

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